Stipple image generator

StipplingOne of my school projects for my Image Processing course was to develop the Weighted Voronoi Stippling  This paper described how to create stipple images using a source image and Voronoi Diagrams. The project was in C++, using the openFrameworks library. I wasn’t too thrilled with the end product, as it was very slow. My method of creating Voronoi Diagrams wasn’t very efficient. I found out that there’s a very fast way to create a Voronoi diagram, but this required some sort of 3D rendering. I’ve been wanting to learn WebGL for a while now, so I took this as a good first project. Read about furnace repair how to.

The project can be accessed here. You need a WebGL compatible browser to view the application. Choose an image, the number of stipple points and their respective size and colour and the program will generate a stipple image representation, look for roofing installation and replacement in New Jersey. The program is iterative, meaning  that it gradually gets more accurate over time click now. At any point you can stop the application and save the output to your computer.

The source repo and commit history can be viewed on github.

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